Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Having a broken freezer is one of the major inconveniences to have in your home and some problems are more subtle than others. Having a checklist of issues to tell your serviceman can help expedite the process and make sure it isn't constantly getting repaired.

Common Signs of a Broken Freezer

Frost Build-Up. Frost building up in a freezer occurs when defrosting timer, thermostat or door gasket are not properly working. Researching what these things are and do can help a lot with the diagnostics.

Weird Noise. Usually when the fan blade is impeded, or the motor is broken is when you'll hear uncommon freezer noises.

Freezer won't start. If your freezer won't start, the relay or capacitor may be malfunctioning. Also, the thermostat may not be in the best shape.

Temp too low. Making sure your user and temperature control, as well as your thermostat, are functioning properly will prevent your freezer from getting too cold and solidifying your food and snacks beyond a necessary degree.

Temp too high. You need to repair your freezer whenever it doesn't cool. For you to find out what is wrong with it, you will be required to test the thermostat, defrost timer and user control.

Freezer Repair Issues


Water supply lines that serve water dispensers in the freezer can leak and make puddles in your freezer. Every fridge has condensation when it melts ice or stores water to drink from the dispenser. When this mechanism fails it can mean leaking for your fridge inside and out.

If you have a fridge that dispenses, make sure the water supply line isn't severed or obstructed. Tighten the nuts near the inlet valve if you sense any leaking.

Your copper or plastic tubes might also be an issue so replacing them when necessary will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Believe it or not, some people don't have their fridge on an even surface. This can cause the water that drains into the evaporation pan to spill over and make it seem like there's a leak when there isn't.

Some freezer models have drain holes in the floor panel. Ice can build up around it and drip as it melts. A simple heat source will remove it and blowing air into the drain hole will cease any blockages.


The compressor, the evaporator fan motor, and the condenser fan motor are the sounds you hear when opening your freezer. If they're silent upon doing so then something is wrong.

The back cover should be unscrewed to help you notice where the noise is coming from. If it's a fan issue, then it's easily fixed or replaced. A loud compressor means a new fridge, unfortunately.

If you have a noisy fridge that gets considerably louder when you open it, then it most likely the evaporator fans that need replacement. Simply unscrewing the back panel and putting a new one in will solve it.


Fixing a freezer is not that hard. Learning how it works with proper diagnosis is simple.

When you are living in Red Oak, TX, Speedy Appliance Fixers will always be there to teach you proper diagnosis methodology as well as remedy the problem if it's out of your scope with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.