Brands We Repair

Appliance Brands We Repair

At Speedy Appliance Fixers, we can service a range of appliances from top brand names including Samsung and Bosch. Our expert technicians can repair your appliance with minimal disruption to your day and at a fraction of the cost replacing your appliance old for new would incur.

Some of the major brands we service are:


Founded in 1892 in New York, GE appliances are not only designed to meet the rigorous requirements of their customers but are market leaders in design as well. When a GE appliance develops a fault, you can be sure that Speedy Appliance Fixers team can have your appliance up and running again in no time.


Having been in manufacturing for the best part of a century, Samsung appliances are supplied around the world. From televisions to dishwashers, Samsung is a name trusted throughout Red Oak, TX. 


A name recognized by most homeowners around the world, Bosch has been supplying a variety of appliances to homeowners and tenants for more than a century. As well as great visual designs, Bosch is renowned for its reliability and quality engineering. Given the durability of Bosch appliances, trustworthy appliance repair companies such as ours must be called when a fault develops, to ensure the life-span of the machine is maximized.


LG is a company taking great pride in style as well as innovation. Their appliances are a popular choice throughout Red Oak, fitting well into both stylish and mainstream properties.



Viking produces a vast array of cooktops, ovens, household cleaning systems, and convenience appliances such as ice makers. Viking is an offset of the Middleby Corporation, the world's largest commercial use appliance maker. Having gained an excellent reputation for their commercial products, Viking now offers homeowners that same, great range of products. 


Frigidaire is a popular brand whose appliances are often shipped with a host of convenient accessories. Like all of the brands here, Frigidaire is reliable but does need servicing and repair work carried out from time to time. Make Speedy Appliance Fixers your first point of call when something does go wrong to maximize the life and cost-effectiveness of your household appliances. 


Maytag appliances have been used in homes across the Red Oak area for decades. Now owned by the big brand name Whirlpool, Maytag appliances are still a reliable and cost-effective appliance provider to thousands of households. 


Kenmore is another century-old company supplying top of the range appliances which are again renowned for their reliability and functionality. If your Kenmore appliance develops a fault, be sure to call Speedy Appliance Fixers to have you up and running again with minimal disruption.


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Whatever the appliance and whatever the fault, Speedy Appliance Fixers can meet all of your service and repair needs in a timely, reliable and cost-effective manner. Call us today to discuss your requirements and schedule a visit from our professional technicians.